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I need some difficult query in production system using an NHibernate query over.
I simplify it with a test query.

So, I need to use in the query an inner variable that calculates for each row. I.e. (pseudo code)

Let's say I have something like:

  Guid Id, 
  DateTime RegisterDate, 
  IEnumerable<CustomerTransaction> Transactions }

  Guid CustomerId, 
  decimal Sum, 
  DateTime Date

And I have a parameter: DateTime monthForReport and want to:

  1. Calculate PeriodStart and PeriodEnd (inner variables)
  2. Find all transactions between PeriodStart and PeriodEnd
  3. Populate dto with PeriodStart, PeriodEnd and transactions total sum

PeriodStart is (in C# code) new:

DateTime(monthForReport.Year, monthForReport.Month - 1, RegisterDate.Day)

PeriodEnd is new:

DateTime(monthForReport.Year, monthForReport.Month, RegisterDate.Day - 1)

So, you see for each row I need two variables PeriodStart and PeriodEnd for the subsequent query of CustomerTransaction's.

But I cannot find any info about calculating variables (like let in LINQ to SQL).

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