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If I have a


and I want to read its value how do I do it, because this does not have an id?? Also I want to put a validation message below it if the value entered by user in this box is incorrect on pressing of a button. What is the way to populate the error instead of using a mvc architecture?

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If you want to read the value on the server side, just look at the Name property of your Model class.

If you want to be able to read the value using jQuery, add an id to the textarea like this:

Html.TextAreaFor(x => x.Name, new { id = "someId" })

And then:

var value = $("#someId").val();
window.alert("The value is: " + value);

If you want completely customized validation without using DataAnnotations or other validation technologies, just add a <span /> after the textarea, and then write javascript to check the value of the textarea, and hide/show/populate the <span /> accordingly.

var myClickHandler = function(event) {
    var value = $("#someId").val();
    if (/* failing validation expression */) {
        $("#errorSpan").text("Bad bad value!").show(100);
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I found that even the parameter here acts as an id. I can also say

var value = $("#Name").val();

to get the value of

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