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I need to catch an error when invoking javascript from android's webview; if the javascript is missing I need to catch some event and do something else in android instead.

for instance, I have webview.loadUrl("javascript:doSomething");

the page is missing 'doSomething', so I can see the following error in logcat:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: doSomething ...

I need to catch this error and handle it, for instance something like

public override void onJsErrorReceived(String errorDescription)

I can't find any such event in webview, nor in the clients of webview (WebChromeClient and WebViewClient) to overridel.

Does anybody have an idea?


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As per this question, the methods you need to over-ride are:

WebChromeClient.onConsoleMessage(String message, int lineNumber, String sourceID)


WebChromeClient.onConsoleMessage(ConsoleMessage cm),

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