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I'm trying to create a distributable module for Netbeans 7.1 which will contain a license template and some java templates. I'm following the tutorial at Netbean's support but they only talk about how to create an HTML template. If I create a java file to use as a template, the builder tries to compile the template and fails.

My project looks like this:

Netbeans Code Template Module
  + org.myorg.nbcodetemplates
    + org.myorg.nbcodetemplates.javaclass
      - JavaClassDescription.html
    + org.myorg.nbcodetemplates.license
      - LicenseDescription.html
      - license-myorg.txt

How do I get the builder to skip the Java template - or is there something else I should have done here? It seems to be happy if I leave the named JavaClass.html and build the module that way, but it shows up as an HTML file when I try to add it to a project through the New File wizard.

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I wish I could help. You might try asking this question in the NetBeans Platform users forum at – Jonathan Spooner Feb 2 '12 at 0:28
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just change name of your file from


after that .template will be removed automatically

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