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We wish to use javascript to manipulate binary data. While this can be done with ArrayBuffer, ArrayBuffer is not supported in older browsers, how would you recommend doing this?

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One option you have is to store binary data in an Array and write functions to access in the same way as ArrayBuffers and UintXArrays. This might also be a shim to DataView.

This should not be a too hard task and still performs reasonably.

An example:

function getInt8(byteOffset)
    return (byteArray[byteOffset] << 24) >> 24; // moves sign bit to bit 32

function getUint8(byteOffset)
    return byteArray[byteOffset];

function getUint16(byteOffset)
    return byteArray[byteOffset] | byteArray[byteOffset + 1] << 8;

function setUint8(byteOffset, value)
    byteArray[byteOffset] = value & 0xff; // make sure to mask values

// etc...

This requires some bitwise magic, but you should be able to figure it out with some google.

There is also a lot of content on how IE handles binary data (for instance this extensive thread about XMLHttpRequests).

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