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I am pulling values from a database that contain military time as 1330 (don't ask why)

I want to convert the 1330 to 13:30 and then run strtotime to turn 13:30:00 into 1:30pm

I am having writers block as to how I can place a colon : between the 2 and 3 character, in 1330

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You can do it using:

$time = substr($time, 0, 2) . ':' . substr($time, 2);

But Why are you splitting .You can directly get your output 1:30pm with:

echo date("h:i a",strtotime(1330));

The second option will give you result more faster. Why wasting time splitting.

Hope this helps :)

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One obvious way is to use substr:

$time = "1330";
$new_time = substr($time, 0, 2) . ':' . substr($time, 2);

Another solution is preg_replace:

$time = "1330";
$new_time = preg_replace('/(\d{2})(\d{2})/', '\1:\2', $time);

Also, str_split is possible:

$time = "1330";
$new_time = implode(':', str_split($time, 2));
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The lazy way:

chunk_split('1330', 2, ':') . '00';
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Nice! First time I see chunk_split. Very useful in this scenario +1 – knittl Jan 31 '12 at 15:23

Should be able to just do:

$time = '1330';
$part_a = substr($time, 0, 2);
$part_b = substr($time, 2, 2);

$new_time = $part_a . ':' . $part_b;
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