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We're working on a proof-of-concept for a new web-based system and we want to leverage existing software as much as possible. Our solution would need to accept data via some sort of API, merge that with one of a number of templates held in the system, and generate PDFs or some other rich-text printable format.

These PDFs would then be stored in the usual sort of document management system structure, with some access control, warehousing, versioning, and so forth. Down the road, we'd want to open the template management system up to our users, with some sort of cross-platform UI for them to create templates in and/or support for uploading templates from Word or OpenOffice.org.

We'd prefer Open Source and free, but we'd happily take closed source and commercial if there was something compelling. Java or .Net.

Lots of systems do part of what we want, but none I've seen yet do most of it. Inforama does most of it but it's a native app, not a web service (and it appears to be dead). OpenKM does the templating and DMS side, but it doesn't have any API for its templating features. Google Docs doesn't do templates either (the only programmatic edit access to documents is for spreadsheets) and it's a pretty poor DMS. Alfresco doesn't have any templating support for rich text documents, only for web pages. Most of the other systems I've looked at are pure Sharepoint-style DMSs or web-style CMSs with no automation for document generation at all.

Beyond the full-featured solutions, there's obviously tons of ways to generate PDFs programatically with any language we care to name -- but we're trying to avoid writing the whole thing from scratch. This is a last-minute requirement dumped on us by a client's lack of forethought, and time is unfortunately tight.

Any promising projects you could point us in the direction of would be greatfully received!

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Inforama is very much alive, enhanced products and news.

If we can help, just email us or call our offices

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I can only speak for Alfersco since I do not know any other systems.

It seems you will no be able to find something that supports all those thing in a single package/application. Looks like Inforama integrates well with Alfresco. Any thoughts on integrating those two?

About Alfresco... It has very very good extendability options. You can actually plug in anything that can use webservices (either SOAP or REST). If there are some functionalities on Alfresco side that you need but are not there out of the box you can simply write it your self or extend/improve current ones.

If you decide that you need a flexible content management system that has good extendability I personally would go for Alfresco. But if you need just basic things of a document/content management, then I would probably look around a bit for a smaller/simpler solution.

Hope this helps...

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JODReports and Docmosis can provide template based Document Generation facilities from Java. One is open source one closed and both using OpenOffice/LibreOffice under the hood to give quite a few template/output options (you mentioned Word or OpenOffice templates). Docmosis provides a cloud service with generate-to-storage facilities but you'd have to be happy working in the cloud space (or see if you can run what they have privately).

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