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I'm using faye based on this tutorial to create a chat message system. The only thing is, I want different channels "chatrooms" that users can subscribe to by visiting their url. Also, I want to represent each channel with a model, so that I can find them by name or index. How do I do this? For some reason, I can't find any good resources on this. By the way, I'm not terribly new to Rails, I just don't know how to use Faye at all.

Here's my use case, just to be clear:

User visits my site.

User enters "chat1" into a form, which lets say accesses the Chatrooms controller, index action

Controller finds all Chatrooms by name "chat1"

If it can't find it, it instantiates a new chatroom called "chat1" and subscribes the user to it

Redirects user to that chatroom.

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Faye seems to automatically create new channels when you ask to subscribe to them. In your javascript, instead of subscribing to "foo" for example, do this:

var channel_name = "/chatrooms/"+"<%= @chatroom.id %>";
    // Subscribe to the public channel
    var public_subscription = client.subscribe(channel_name, function(data) {
      $('<p></p>').html(data.username + ": " + data.msg).appendTo('#blab_box');
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