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What is exact different between Hashtable<string,string> and Dictionary<string,string>?

Which is one is better to use in MVC?

Can any one help me?

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In addition @Darin's answer, the answer depends on your requirements. What are you trying to use it for? Because there are more alternatives:

But usually you avoid using Hashtable altogether since Dictionary<string,object> is a better replacement.

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There's no such class as Hashtable<X, Y> in the BCL. There's the Hashtable class which is a non-generic version of the Dictionary<Tkey, TValue> class. It was used back in the time of .NET 1.0 and 1.1 when generics weren't yet introduced in .NET.

Or maybe you was referring to the HashSet<T> class? It represents an unordered collection containing unique elements. It has the standard collection operations Add, Remove, Contains, but since it uses a hash-based implementation, these operation are O(1). It is not key/value hashtable.

Which is one is better to use in MVC?

That will obviously depend on your specific requirements and on what you trying to achieve. So the right question for you to ask is not Which of X or Y is better in ASP.NET MVC but Which of X or Y is better in order to achieve Z in ASP.NET MVC.

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