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I tried to set a ROI with angle in an image. At first, I thought that using a mask would give me the same result as setting the ROI in my IplImage structure. Then, I would just use cvResize the same way I did when I used ROI, but this time for a mask.

However, this is obviously not this easy, because of the angle.

Is there any way to copy the inside of any rectangle, at any angle, into a new IplImage, which would be of the size of this very rectangle?

CvSeq* approximatedContour = cvApproxPoly(currentContour,

// Circonscrire le polygone trouve dans un rectangle
etiquetteBox = cvMinAreaRect2(approximatedContour);

CvPoint2D32f boxPoints[4];
CvPoint2D32f* c1 = (&cvPoint2D32f(0,0),

CvMat* mmat = cvCreateMat(3,3,CV_32FC1);

cvBoxPoints(etiquetteBox, boxPoints);

IplImage* mask = cvCreateImage(cvSize(in->width,in->height), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1);
IplImage* ROIimg = cvCreateImage(cvSize(in->width,in->height), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1);

    cvCvtColor(ROIimg,in,CV_GRAY2BGR); //ROIimg is OK here!

mmat = cvGetPerspectiveTransform(boxPoints,c1,mmat);
cvWarpPerspective(ROIimg,thresImgResized,mmat); // here I get a full black image!

Doing this, as kindly suggested by Banthar, I get a full black image instead of what is delimited by boxPoints in ROIimg, what's wrong with this code?

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You can do it with cvGetPerspectiveTransform and cvWarpPerspective. –  Banthar Jan 31 '12 at 17:02
in CvMat* cvGetPerspectiveTransform(const CvPoint2D32f* src, const CvPoint2D32f* dst, CvMat* mapMatrix), src would be my 4 points in my boxPoints, and dst the points [0,0], [0,destImg->width], [destImg->height,0], [destImg->height,destImg->width] ? –  CTZStef Jan 31 '12 at 17:11
Yes. I'm not sure about the order of vertices, but you will see if you need to swap them. –  Banthar Jan 31 '12 at 17:25
I googled on it a little, the order of vertices seems to be good; however it acts strangely, I get a full white image... see my edit above –  CTZStef Jan 31 '12 at 17:32
Actually I get a full black image... –  CTZStef Jan 31 '12 at 17:47

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You are using the wrong brackets in definition of c1. Try this:

    CvPoint2D32f c1[] = {
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Thanks again Banthar. Here is what I do now :

double angle = 0.;
// TODO adaptive angle compensation
if(abs(etiquetteBox.angle) > 30)
    angle = etiquetteBox.angle + 270.;
    angle = etiquetteBox.angle - 270.;

CvPoint2D32f boxPoints[4];
CvPoint2D32f c1[] = {cvPoint2D32f(0,0),

CvMat* mmat = cvCreateMat(3,3,CV_32FC1);
cvBoxPoints(etiquetteBox, boxPoints);
Point center = Point(10,10);

//warp the image to fit the polygon into the 20x20 image
mmat = cvGetPerspectiveTransform(boxPoints,c1,mmat);
//rotate the image because the inconsistent angle of etiquetteBox
// from a frame to the next ...
//it would be very cool to find a way to fix this...
CvMat rot_mat = getRotationMatrix2D( center, angle,1.0);

It is still not quite what I want, because the object is rotating into the 20x20 rotatedImg; in thresImgResized, after cvWarpPerspective, the object is well segmented, BUT it is reversed because the inconsistency of the angle of etiquetteBox (-0 degrees in a frame, -90 in the next, depending on how I hold the object to be detected), which I get this way:


// Trouver des polygones
CvSeq* currentContour = contours;
while(currentContour != 0 && !etiquette)
    CvSeq* approximatedContour = cvApproxPoly(currentContour,

    // Circonscrire le polygone trouve dans un rectangle
    etiquetteBox = cvMinAreaRect2(approximatedContour);


I don't know how to fix this, but, at least, it is better than setting my IplImage ROI, because I compensate the etiquetteBox's angle switch from -0 to -90 degrees in consecutive frames.

Thank you if you read all this, and MANY MANY thanks if you come up with a solution :)

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