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I am using the devise gem to make authentication work in my app.

Here's the code I have for signing out:

    <%= link_to "Sign out", destroy_user_session_path, :method => :delete %>

I have tried this as well:

    <%= link_to "Sign out", destroy_user_session_path%>

Both of which when I click on sign out I get :

No route matches [GET] "/users/destroy"

However when I run rake routes, you can see it (just not GET):

    destroy_user_session DELETE /users/sign_out(.:format)      devise/sessions#destroy

How to fix this?

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Can u pass routes for devise and you have customize routes? You can use devise_scope :user do get '/login' => 'devise/sessions#new' get '/logout' => 'devise/sessions#destroy' end and in UI <%= link_to "Logout", logout_path%> – Amar Jan 31 '12 at 17:34
have you included the necessary js file for making :method => :delete on links work? – PeterWong Jan 31 '12 at 17:39
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Could this help you in the right direction?

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Mitch's answer was close but did not work for me, instead the following syntax did:

<%= link_to "Log out", destroy_user_session_path, :method => :delete %>

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Roger's link above is v useful.

I used the following syntax, which worked:

<%= link_to "Log out", destroy_session_path(:user), :method => :delete %>
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Adding the :user doesn't work for me – AymanSalah Jan 9 at 15:30

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