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Please take a look at the following function :

 private void copyDataBase() throws IOException{

        //Open your local db as the input stream
    InputStream myInput = myContext.getAssets().open(DB_NAME);

        // Path to the just created empty db
        String outFileName = DB_PATH + DB_NAME;

        File f = new File(DB_PATH);
        if (!f.exists()) {

        //Open the empty db as the output stream
        OutputStream myOutput = new FileOutputStream(outFileName);

        //transfer bytes from the inputfile to the outputfile
        byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        int length;
        while ((length = myInput.read(buffer))>0){
            myOutput.write(buffer, 0, length);

        //Close the streams


Where DB_PATH is "/data/data/application package/databases/". Is it possible to set DB_PATH="" ? Actually setting DB_PATH = "/data/data/application package/databases/". works fine on most devices, but does not work on HTC desire HD ( discussed here , here , here and here ). This device does not find the mentioned path on the device. Thanks

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You should set your DB_PATH like this:

String DB_PATH = context.getDatabasePath(DB_NAME).getAbsolutePath()

That will give you the full path to your Database.. then you can use that as your outFileName.

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