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I am using JQuery UI tabs:

<div id="tabs">
                <li><a href="ajax/neobrabotannie.php" id="neobrabotannie">Необработанные</a></li>
                <li><a href="ajax/klienti.php" id="klienti">Клиенты</a></li>                            

$('#test').click(function() {

If I open klienti.php tab click function does not work.


echo "<div id='test'>Test div.</div>";

Tell me please, what am I doing wrong?

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your code is not really coherent, you're using $("#test") but there is no element with id 'test' in the html code. Also, where are you calling $("#tabs").tabs() ? –  ggreiner Jan 31 '12 at 17:47

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When using jQuery tabs with ajax, the HTML from the ajax call is not immediately available.

I believe your code to add a event for the click of the test id needs to be done within the add event of your tabs object. So you have to add something like this to the document.ready handler in your JavaScript code:

   add: function(event, ui) { ... }
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