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I'm beginner in Liferay, and I need to customize the portlet webcontent display list.

I added a portlet in my page Home, and I managed to see the recent news that I created. The news is displayed in a table (title, author and date display). I want to display the news like this: - The date of the news (above the title of the news) - The title of the news (which is a link to the news) I tried to create a structure, but I do not see commits its work?

Thank you to enlighten me?

PS: sorry for this English !!

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Liferay is available in source - did you look at the implementation of the webcontent list portlet? You can either create a jsp hook for that portlet or just reimplement a similar one based on what you find in there...

As you say you'd like to customize Webcontent display list I assume you don't want its default behaviour. Once you know what to change in this portlet, read about jsp hooks, create a hook with the jsp changes you'd like (if it's limited to jsp changes) and deploy it.

Liferay's development documentation should have the information that you need, otherwise continue in the wiki on liferay.com

Edit: Also, you might want to look at AssetPublisher - maybe this provides a few more options for formatting your output.

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Generally Liferay web content in journalarticle table. I have referred Liferay 6.0 Version.

Now, for showing liferay custom portlet view, you should use Liferay Portlet Creation and Liferay Service Builder.

Here are two useful article on those - 1> Liferay MVC Portlet 2> Liferay Service Builder

Now make the service for journalarticle table and use those in your portlet.

Some useful fields of journalarticle table for your reference are - title, createDate etc.

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