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I have funny problem that I can connect to a remote named pipe using the machine name, but it would not work with the IP address. After reading the doc on pipe names at - there seems to be no indication of IP address.

Although, I know IP address work for pipe name (worked when I used Windows 2008R2, but didn't work when the pipe was created on Windows 2003).

So are IP address supported? Are they supported on certain OS? Firewall is off, and everything I can think of is setup OK considering the pipe works with the machine name....

BTW. I am using C++ unmanaged to work with the pipes.

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are you controlling both ends? for example, in SQL server you can have named pipes enabled and tcp/ip disabled – jglouie Jan 31 '12 at 18:23
"Would not work": what symptoms are you getting? What pipe name are you using? – Richard Jan 31 '12 at 18:24

Named Pipes operate at a different layer of the network protocol stack. Named Pipes work only on the local network where Windows name services are available, and are not routed using TCP / IP.

When you thought you were creating a named pipe using an IP address, you may have been creating a pipe that used a ###.###.###.### as a pipe name instead of as a server name. CreateNamedPipe can only create a pipe on the local machine, not on a remote machine. And it requires a "\\.\" prefix on the front of the pipe name.

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