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I'm migrating an OpenERP database and one of my modules fails to load its data (product) because it refers to an existing Product Category Services, which does not exist on the target database.

I searched and found a Services category defined by the product module demo data, but I think that loading demo data is a bad idea.

How do I create a Services product category?

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It depends how your module is referencing the product category. If it's searching by name, then just create a new product category with the right name. In version 6.0, the product categories are configured under Sales: Configuration: Product: Product Categories.

More likely is that your module includes an XML data file that refers to the product category by its import id. Those are usually set up during a module import, but you could create one yourself. You can edit import ids under Administration: Configuration: Sequences: Object Identifiers.

If you are building the module yourself, consider including the Services product category in your module the same way you're including the other data.

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I'm migrating a module. Data is in a CSV file and references "Services" by name, it's not an XML id... – jjmontes Feb 1 '12 at 23:53

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