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I try to do a XMLHTTPrequest to: http://lyricwiki.org/api.php?artist=" + encodeURIComponent(artistName) + "&song=" + encodeURIComponent(songName) + "&fmt=xml

to get the lyrics but when I look in the inspector Spotify the request status is 0 what can I do?

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A fuller post of your code would help. But I will give this a shot with simplest tested example.

Require this permission in your manifest.json:

"RequiredPermissions": [

IMPORTANT: Make sure the manifest.json file is utf-8 encoded with the proper \n only line breaks, and use a JSON linter to verify it is well formatted (http://jsonlint.com/) Also, Be sure to restart the Spotify client after any changes to manifest.json.

This simple example worked for me:

    $.post("http://lyricwiki.org/api.php" + 
           "?artist=" + encodeURIComponent("Beastie Boys") + 
           "&song=" + encodeURIComponent("Make Some Noise") + 
           "&fmt=xml", function (data) {
        alert("Data loaded: " + data);
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