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I want to include a gantt chart in my web project. Basically it should depict the status(working,playing,idle,sleeping) of persons on a daily-basis Something similar to this one http://www.fusioncharts.com/goodies/fusioncharts-free/chart-gallery/show.asp?id=44

I found some gantt charts but they can have only one time span in a single row

How can I create such type of chart in javascript/jquery/extjs?

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That's nice. Do you have a question? –  Diodeus Jan 31 '12 at 19:41
hey sorry for that, its my first time on this awesome site. How can I create such type of chart in javascript? –  user1181119 Jan 31 '12 at 19:58

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I am just finishing the implementation of a Gantt page into my .NET project using Bryntum Ext Gantt that you mentioned before. I programmed the integration myself, relativelly easy. The toold we are developing is a SaaS a sort of distributed project management tool for a specific domain. Customer is impressed and I am very well impressed as well. The only rough edge was related with printing, something they added very recently and it got complicated in my case because the customer wanted a color code to differentiate tasks . So, I am still find a work around there but it looks feasible. But, everything else is very good, support is very good. The last thing I should do is make sure my gantt/ext folder gets minimized as is sort of big now. We did not decide on this component overnight, as I compared various Gantt chart tools available (see some of the below) . For some time dojo.gantt was my first choice. I actually started my proof of concept with dojo. The fact that I have more experience with dojo did help. The fact that dojo.gantt was free did help a lot. But finally, after a couple of trials my customer and I ended up deciding for Ext Js and Ext Gantt. I still think it was a good choice.

Extra info that you may be interested from our analysis:

Alternative Gantt Components tha twe explored (not all javascript based)

The following Gantt components that may fit our requirement has been preliminary reviewed and will be more thoroughly compared in the next section. Dojo in the only one completely free and open source that we found worth for the moment. Most of the other ones are still open source but most of them has a licence price. That licence price that can go between 200 to various thousands can be justified. Other free component that we found may not have all the functionality requried like jsgantt

The first for one, which are probably the ones more likely to be recommed by us are all based on javascript technology. Our four choices are: dojo., dhtmlx, bryntum & tgantt.com. They order that they appear reflect the price. Dojo is free, dhmlx has a cheap licence, bryntum a more expensive licence and finally tgantt is the more expensive and more complex.

I am still evaluating some plugins for jQuery, jQuery.Gantt can be an option but still need to understand, seems to be an immature project.

The other two components that we found are based on other microsoft technology such as ‘asp.net and silverlight: netronic, dlhsoft.com. We are initially discarding this alternative but may reconsider later. Silverlight has not been running on Ipad and does not seem an strategic plaform. HTML5/Javascript seems more promising. The one implemented with as an ASP control lead to a complex code in the page that i personally do not like.

Anychat, is also a very impresive component but based on flash technology and that will prevent ipad. So, we would discard it for the moment. However, the HTML5 version has already been released an is in betatesting. That may still be an option depending on how close are they to production. This is controversial but deserves a look, the component looks impressive.

jsgantt is another javascript free component but seem too limited.

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+1 very helpful review! –  Christophe Jun 11 '12 at 17:41

This one might be an option, but it is not free:


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This might be late to reply to a thread started in January. But just to add these items to the thread, to help someone in the future.

I have used these gantt charts and they work fine for me:

For your requirement. Have you looked at Stacked Bar charts?

If you think that would be a good option. Take a look at HighCharts [http://www.highcharts.com/demo/bar-stacked]

Here is the fiddle for that http://bit.ly/My5fOZ

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http://jsgantt.com/ Looks good.

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