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I am writing a release script in powershell and need to invoke a custom executable and pass in a bunch of parameters to the executable. Few of these parameters are assigned values from various conditions and executions in the script. I see that the values are not getting evaluated when the executable is invoked. Some of the variables need to be passed in as a series of arguments inside double quotes as well. Shown below is a smaple call

mysample.exe '-forcerebuild' '-release=$CALC_VERSION' '-projfile=sample.proj' '-buildoptions="/p:AllowDevDependencies=true /p:AssemblyVersion=$CALC_ASSEMBLY_VERSION /flp:LogFile=$env:temp\build.log /p:BaseIntermediateOutputPath=$PROJECT_BASE\build\ /clp:nosummary"'

All the variables that need to be evaluated are highlighted. The exe expects all the options provided to -buildoptions inside quoted -buildoptions="all build options"

The values don't seem to get evaluated. However, if i put build options as a separate variable and print it, the values seem to get evaluated. I am new to powershell and would really appreciate any help with this.

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Note that powershell doesn't do variable expansion inside single quoted strings. For example:

$test_variable = "test"
write-host "this is a $test_variable"
write-host 'this is a $test_variable'

will print

this is a test
this is a $test_variable

Also, powershell has problems in passing arguments to exes. There is a util called EchoArgs.exe that comes with Powershell Community Extensions. Use that and pass your argument to that to see if they are passed fine.

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+1 - Single- vs double-quotes is the issue. – JNK Jan 31 '12 at 19:47
Thanks for the response. I removed the single-quotes as you said and the variables are getting evaluated. The EchoArgs.exe tool is really cool, i could see all the arguments and the values being passed. Now, i see that all the options inside -buildoptions="all build options" are getting evaluated as individual arguments. How do i retain the double=quotes and still get the values to evaluate? – praskris Jan 31 '12 at 20:10
@praskris - You have to do something like "`"$test_variable`"" – manojlds Jan 31 '12 at 20:14
That did it! thank you @manojlds. – praskris Jan 31 '12 at 21:31

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