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I'm trying to create discount badges on category pages in Magento - I have already done it on product pages, but i'm havig trouble getting it to display the right amount of discount on category pages

This is what i used to call it on product page:

    <span class="price1" style="text-decoration:none;">     
<?php $specialprice = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($_product->getId())->getSpecialPrice(); 
             if ($specialprice){?>
             <?php if ($specialprice != $_regularPrice){?>
<?php $special_percent = round(100 - (( 100/$_regularPrice ) * $_finalPrice ), 0);?>
    <?php if($special_percent != 0) echo $special_percent.'%'; ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>  

Since the category page calls the entire price block only with

<?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?>

... i don't know how to edit anything in without it affecting the product page price block. Can i just change the way i define $specialprice ?

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Open app\design\frontend\default\default\template\catalog\products\list.html, put the following under <div class="product-image">

<?php if ( ($_product->getFinalPrice() - $_product->getPrice()) < 0) { ?>
<img class="discount-badge" src="<php? echo $this->getSkinUrl('images/discount_badge.png'); ?>">
<?php } ?>

Of course, you should customize as you wish, I just gave you a hint.

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Thanks, was very simple and worked great, went a step further and put in percentages of discount in each one – Tilen Krivec Feb 4 '12 at 10:44

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