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I have an application in which I want my control (maybe listbox) to be populated with the contact's name and number present in the Windows Contacts (present in Windows 7). How is this possible?

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Do not use this feature in Windows 7. It was introduced in Vista and soon got deprecated in Windows Server 2008.

Any way, here is the entrance to C++ API section (that also explains the Contacts schema) at MSDN.

But for managed code, you should use the Contacts.Net project here at codeplex. Here is a simple example that enumerates contacts:

//using Microsoft.Communications.Contacts;

ContactManager theContactManager = new ContactManager();
foreach (Contact theContact in theContactManager.GetContactCollection())
    string theLine = theContact.Names[0].FormattedName;
    foreach(PhoneNumber theNumber in theContact.PhoneNumbers)
        theLine += "\t" + theNumber.ToString();
    //Console.WriteLine(theLine); //Uncomment this if on console
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