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Are conditional statements in Partial Views a bad practice? For instance, I have a PV that should only render certain markup based on my Model properties.

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Depends, if your conditions are View related in nature (like your scenario) it's fine. If you are mixing domain logic and/or validation logic then that should be a cause for concern. You ultimately want to have a good balance of Maintainability, Flexibility and Performance.

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I don’t see anything wrong in having conditional statements in your Partials. I guess you’d have to let us know more about the entire context/situation before we blindly say “yeah…sure! Or the opposite”

For example, I have a Partial View that is strongly typed to an IEnumerable.

The first thing I do is verify if the Model isn’t null or if it has any values (note this may or may not reflect your current case).

if(Model == null || !Model.MyList.Any())
//do something
//do something else…
     foreach(var item in Model.MyList)
         If(item.MyProperty == “4”)
              //render this HTML

But then again…it is hard to give a correct answer, without seeing anything…perhaps you may need to reengineer who knows!

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