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I need a fast way to save edits to an xml file any examples would be greatly appreciated I assume this would be using xpath? thanks

[EDIT] I am currently using documentBuilder.parse() but that takes far too long, approximately 20 seconds to read the file

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I can give you example in QT..I don't know in what language are you working with. Here is for QT:

QDomDocument doc("MyML");
 QDomElement root = doc.createElement("MyML");

 QDomElement tag = doc.createElement("Greeting");

 QDomText t = doc.createTextNode("Hello World");

 QString xml = doc.toString();

If I didn't get you right please respond. And maybe we can sort it out.

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sorry I didn't say - its in Java, Ideally android 2.1 but I have seen something about x path in v2.2 which may be an acceptable compromise. thanks –  foz1284 Feb 1 '12 at 16:39

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