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I want to make an array with libJSON's JSONNode. I've tried the following, but it doesn't work:

JSONNode array;
JSONNode foo("word", "foo");
JSONNode bar("word", "bar");

This results in:

    "word": "foo", 
    "word": "bar"

What I want is:

    {"word": "foo"},
    {"word": "bar"}

It's clear to me that I'm not specifying that I want an array. The thing is, I've searched the library and googled a bit, but I find no way to do this. Can anybody help me out with this?

(Sidenote: I wanted to add a "libjson" tag, but that doesn't exist yet, it seems.)

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You need to specify that you're creating an array and complex nodes:


foo.push_back(JSONNode("word", "foo"));
bar.push_back(JSONNode("word", "bar"));


See the "Getting Started" documentation in libjson-VERSION.zip for some basic examples.

Side note: I've personally found libjson to be annoying to work with, and the documentation is severely lacking. In my own projects, I use either JsonCpp or (more frequently) Jansson as my C/C++ JSON API. If you're not locked in to libjson, you might give them a try.

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Thanks so much. I'm seeing a pattern in how obvious all the answers to my questions are. :( –  Neko Jan 31 '12 at 21:14
what do you consider the best c++ json now? –  user1382306 Jul 27 '13 at 7:01

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