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I'm trying to post a reply to a post on Facebook. The weird part is that I can like the status via the API, no problem. But comments returns me an Oauth exception.

My Oauth permissions are: publish_stream,offline_access,manage_pages,xmpp_login,email,read_insights,read_stream

In details, when I run this:


I get this:

Status code

403 Forbidden


167 ms


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 20:36:58 GMT

WWW-Authenticate: OAuth "Facebook Platform" "insufficient_scope" "(#200) Cannot access object_id: 247823901959852"

X-Cnection: close

X-FB-Rev: 502443

Content-Length: 121

Pragma: no-cache

X-FB-Debug: 1YowZqIKgj0dkmWM90avmDeec+5KxuRADKLQPnZoXj8=

Content-Type: text/javascript; charset=UTF-8

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

Cache-Control: no-store

Expires: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT

But when I run this: https://graph.facebook.com//likes?message=boo&access_token=

It works perfectly fine.

What's am I doing wrong? I just don't see it.

Thank you very much.

EDIT: I'm getting that insufficient_scope error, which normally occurs when you're missing permissions. Is there any way I can check what missing permission is causing this?

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It might be related to this bug: developers.facebook.com/bugs/162832710485801 –  DMCS Jan 31 '12 at 21:18
Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it. I'm really getting desperate with this. –  ManicMailman Jan 31 '12 at 21:31

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