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More specifically, why am I getting a space between strarray(1) and strarray(2) in newFilename? Thanks in advance!

Sub Button1_Click()

Dim orgFilename As String
Dim temp As String
Dim strarray(3) As String
Dim newFilename As String

orgFilename = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="All files (*.), *.", Title:="Please select a file")

temp = Mid$(orgFilename, InStrRev(orgFilename, "\") + 1)
strarray(1) = Left(orgFilename, InStrRev(orgFilename, "\"))
strarray(2) = "processed_"
strarray(3) = temp
newFilename = Join(strarray)

End Sub
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Join adds spaces by default. Check out the first paragraph in this link:

The Join function takes an array of strings and returns a concatenated string. By default it adds a space between each element of the string, but you can specify a different delimiter.

instead use

newFilename = Join(strarray, "") 
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This is the behavior of Join() :


newFilename = Join(strarray, "") 
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