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I'm trying to raise an event in a mocked interface. I can get this in C#, but for some pain-in-the-butt reason can't get it working in VB.Net. If someone could help me out with this situation, I'd appreciate it. Hopefully I haven't missed the boat conceptually and all I'm missing is some syntax. This is similar to the code I'm working with:

Public Interface ISendable

Event SendMessage(message As String)

End Interface


Public Interface IPrintable

Sub PrintAnnouncement(announcement As String)

End Interface


Public Class BulletinBoard

Private mPrintable As IPrintable

Public Sub New(sendable As ISendable, printable As IPrintable)
    AddHandler sendable.SendMessage, AddressOf GetItOut
    mPrintable = printable
End Sub

Public Sub GetItOut(message As String)
    'Do some stuff I can verify happened with Moq
End Sub
End Class

I was hoping to get a test that looked something like this running:

Imports NUnit.Framework
Imports Moq

<TestFixture()> _
Public Class SendMessageTests

<Test()> _
Public Sub canRaiseEvent()
    Dim announcement As String = "What the?"
    Dim sendable As New Mock(Of ISendable)()
    Dim printable As New Mock(Of IPrintable)()

    Dim bb As New BulletinBoard(sendable.Object, printable.Object)
    'What is the syntax for raising sendable's event?
    'sendable.Raise( ....? )

    printable.Verify(Sub(d) d.PrintAnnouncement(announcement), Times.Once())

End Sub

End Class

Can anyone help me to complete or correct the line in my test class that begins "sendable.Raise..."? Maybe there is more setup I need to do, but the Moq site didn't seem to indicate this is the case.

Thanks in advance.

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With this line your test is green:

sendable.Raise(Sub(e) AddHandler e.SendMessage, AddressOf MockHandler, announcement)

You also need to create a "mock" event handler to make it work:

Sub MockHandler()

End Sub


I'm not a VB guy, so it seams there is a shorter syntax with using an inline anonymous method instead of MockHandler: :

sendable.Raise(Sub(e) AddHandler e.SendMessage, Function() vbEmpty, announcement)
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Excellent, nemesv--just what I was after. Thanks for answering so quickly. –  RobC Jan 31 '12 at 21:55

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