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Is it possible to limit access to a mobile website via qr code only?

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You could include a secret code in the URL, but once someone has accessed the site, they can easily share the URL with anyone. – Michael Mior Jan 31 '12 at 21:39
how about a token that expires every some time interval – Adrian Jan 31 '12 at 21:41
More so for analytical purposes. I know google does a great job, but google wont tell me if the visit was from the qr code. If I can limit visits to the qr code then I can precisely narrow down the number of visitors and say...a specific career fair, where only that QR Code is used. – lockdown Jan 31 '12 at 21:44
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It won't be absolute accuracy, but if you use a query string it should narrow down the results For example : index.php?refer=QR. I would just like to state now that I am by no means experienced with PHP, so please don't hit me too hard if I get something wrong ;).

Perhaps you could make it so the QR code redirects to a site and that site generates a key, even something as simple as the date and time. Therefore your query string could be: index.php?refer=QR&c=1215

If the code in the query string doesn't match that of the one currently in use then the person has been linked via direct entry, if it does match then a QR code was used.

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What you could do is point to a long URL that takes you to a page that sets or creates a cookie that must be set to visit the page.

However, if a user gets hold of the long link they could send it round.

What you could do is a php header to redirect and use htaccess to mask the URL so they don't get the URL.

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