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I was using the Visual Studio installer project for installing my product. Now it looks like the official approach is to use Install Shield Limited Edition project. Now I checked in the Limited Edition project type, and there does not appear to be a way to install windows service. Also the support for custom action also does not seem to be there. Am I missing something ?. Basically will I be able to do the following -

  1. Create a windows service installer project in Install Shield Limited Edition.
  2. Add custom actions - does not look like
  3. Silent installer.
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has your problem sorted ?? –  Usman Y Sep 4 '13 at 9:28

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Take a look at:

Augmenting InstallShield using Windows Installer XML - Windows Services

For the links to related posts. Basically LE is limited ( upgrade-ware ) but there are clean ways of extending it if you don't want to upgrade to Professional. ( $1500 )

LE always generates SETUP.EXE's ( MSI's compressed inside ) so silent installation is:

setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

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I believe recent versions of ISLE now support native MSI service functionality without having to do this. –  Christopher Painter Nov 6 at 15:53

Install Shield limited edition can install windows services out of the box. Take a look at SO:How do i create an InstallShield LE project to install a windows service? to learn how.

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There's a huge difference between native support and out of process support. –  Christopher Painter May 15 '13 at 19:26

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