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I need to format a float to the format +-00.00, tried the basic string formatting but can't get the leading + or - sign or two leading 0s if the value is fractional, any pointers?

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Use '%+06.2f' to set the width and precision appropriately. The equivalent using new-style format strings is '{:+06.2f}'.format(n) (or '{0:+06.2f}' if your version of Python requires the positional component).

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Thanks! Perfect. –  fred basset Jan 31 '12 at 22:17

'%+06.2f' % 1.1123344

+ means always use sign
0 means zero fill to full width.
6 is the total field width including sign and decimal point
.2 means 2 decimals.
f is float
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Using this should do it

x = 50.4796
a = -50.1246

print " %+2.2f" % (x)
print " %+2.2f" % (a)

The following should print

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