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is the correct datatype for a multi-select box in mvc3 DataType.MultilineText? These are ultimately derived from a many-to-many type relationship.


Example A Channel can have multiple Ad Slots, and an Ad Slot can have multiple Channels.

My current model is:

[Display(Name = "Ad Slots")]
public string[] AdSlots { get; set; }

Is that right for a multiselect?

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MulitlineText is used forTextArea – HaBo Jan 31 '12 at 22:07

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ASP.NET MVC doesn't utilize "types", persay, for DOM elements. You would utilize the HtmlHelper.ListBox() extension method.

This extension method returns a multi-select listbox.

    new SelectList(new[] { "You can select this one", "and this one" })

EDIT: for a Model, you could use this:

public class YourViewModel
    public MultiSelectList YourItems { get; set; }

And then on a POST you can see which items are selected.

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I am talking about Model type. – Darren Jan 31 '12 at 22:15

I think you can use something like System.Web.Mvc.MultiSelectList which takes an IEnuermable collection.

Check this article for more info:

Well with your edit, my answer might not be so helpful since you most likely don't want your Model referencing MVC, but you could maybe do @Html.ListBox("AdSlots", new MultiSelectList(model.AdSlots)) since its already enumerable.

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This Multiline Type means textarea and not multiselect which has a markup with multiselect as an attribute.

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