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With Flot, is it possible to modify the width/spacing between the slices of a pie chart? Currently the slices on my pie chart are too close together when they are small, its almost impossible to see them. Thanks for any help.

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Are you thinking of something like a "broken-out" pie chart? (Where the slices are exploded out of the original pie...) –  summea Jan 31 '12 at 22:04
Yeah, so that they are all exploded. Something like this I guess: –  James Stevenson Jan 31 '12 at 22:20

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Are you limited to using Flot for this particular type of chart? Flot is a great library... but, I haven't been able to track down an option to explode the pie chart.

At any rate, the possibilities that Flot offers for pie charts at present can be found here in the SVN trunk of the Flot project. There are a lot of variations on labeling pie charts... but none to actually explode the pie chart out.

A formatting option that you might want to try with Flot, however, (that might help readability for your chart in this case,) could be the radius option. When you set the radius to a large value, it zooms in on the chart... like in Graph8 on this page:

$.plot($("#graph8"), data, 
    series: {
        pie: { 
            show: true,
            /* more code here... */

It doesn't explode the chart... but it might make it a little easier to read, at least.

If you aren't limited to Flot in this case... there is another (though, not as feature-rich,) chart library out there called AwesomeChartJS that offers the option to explode pie charts (example found on "Demo" page of that website.) But it might not have all the functionality (that Flot additionally provides,) that you may need.

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