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I am trying to create a simple modal dialog in XCode 4. I have created the xib, created the NSWindowController derived class and made it the class in the File's Owner of the xib. The part I am having trouble with is physically connecting the window outlet as mentioned in the answers to questions:

How to give focus to NSWindow loaded from NIB?

Why do I have to call showWindow on my NSWindowController twice on 10.5?

and in Apple documentation here:


I understand the concept, but I cannot figure out how to actually do it in XCode 4! I know how to connect a control in a xib to an outlet or action in a class via CTRL-drag. I just do not know what to drag to and from in this case.

Any help appreciated.

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OK - I figured it out.

window outlet: In the IB Dock, select the File's Owner object. Control-drag from there to the window in the XIB file. That will create the new Outlet.

delegate outlet: To connect the delegate outlet to the File's Owner, select the Window in the IB Dock. In the connection inspector, under Outlets, control-drag from "delegate" to "File's Owner" This connection can also be made with the File's Owner selected, just control-drag from Referencing Outlets to the window and select "delegate" from the popup.

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