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I want to use Razor code inside a view section to show an alert if a condition is true. My code is:

@Section BodyAttributes
      @If (ViewData("condition") = True) Then
          onLoad = "alert('message')"
      End If
End Section

I'm new to MVC world and I don't know how to write this. The comiler complains that onLoad is not declared. If I remove the condition, the code works fine and the alert box is shown.

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Razor views simply generate HTML. That is their only responsibility.

What you're trying to do involves using JavaScript to display an alert dialog to the user with some message: "message".

You've got the JavaScript part down, that's simply alert('message');, but you'll need to wrap that in a script tag, and put that script tag in the header of the HTML (arguably).

So, you'd end up having something like this:

@section AlertHeaderSection
    @if (ViewData("condition") == true)
        <script type="text/javascript">
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