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So I have an in_array check, called

if (in_array('pageLevel',$userlevels))

Which I want to connect to a boolean, like $hasAccess so I can apply

if ($hasAccess == true) { do something }

I tried if (in_array('pageLevel',$userlevels)) { $hasAccess == true }

but that does not seem to work. Can anyone tell me how to use this?

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$hasAccess == true

Should be $hasAccess = true. Or

$hasAccess = in_array('pageLevel',$userlevels);
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if (in_array('pageLevel',$userlevels)) { $hasAccess = true; } if ($hasAccess) { dosomething } works like a charm! Thanks guys, I was indeed mixing up the operators. – Daan Twice Feb 1 '12 at 0:19

Try $hasAccess = true; You need to assign to the variable (=), rather than just compare it (==) and throw the result away.

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