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Is it possible to call another controller-action with the name of the controller-action being passed as a parameter. Something like this:


<g:createLink controller="book" action="list"
params="[id: '1', onCompleteController='nextCon', onCompleteAction='nextAct']"/>

Controller (Book):

def list = {
   ... //Do something like save book

   **execute onCompleteController/onCompleteAction**

   return render(text: [success:true] as JSON))

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you can do that by using forward or redirect (which ever fits in your case).

Some thing like

redirect(controller:onCompleteController, action: onCompleteAction, model:[])

forward(controller:onCompleteController, action: onCompleteAction, params:[])
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The difference being that redirect returns a 3xx response to the user agent which must make another request to the new action VS. forward which does the redirect server-side and does not change the user agent's URL. –  cdeszaq Mar 2 '12 at 17:31
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