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I'm attempting to create a Parcelable class in Android so that I can pass a ArrayList of these objects between Activities. I've followed very closely the examples found here on StackOverflow ( in the Android docs (, but I keep getting an error on the required static field CREATOR: The field CREATOR cannot be declared static; static fields can only be declared in static or top level types

I get this error on my class, as well as the example class cut/pasted directly from the Android docs. There must be something unique to my situation that I'm not aware of....?? My class is given below. Any ideas?



public class ComplaintType implements Parcelable
    // class data
    private int groupID = 0;
    private int id = 0;
    private String description = "";
    private boolean checked = false; // does this complaint type apply to this patient?

    // constructors
    public ComplaintType() {}       
    public ComplaintType(int _groupID, String desc, int _id, boolean ckd) {
        this.groupID = _groupID;
        this.description = desc; = _id;
        this.checked = ckd;}

    // getters/setters
    public int getGroupID() {return groupID;}
    public void setGroupID(int _groupID) { this.groupID = _groupID;}
    public String getDesc() {return description;}
    public void setDesc(String desc) {this.description = desc;}
    public int getID() {return id;}
    public void setID(int _id) { = _id;}
    public boolean isChecked() {return checked;}
    public void setChecked(boolean ckd) {this.checked = ckd;}

    // utility functions
    public String toString() {return this.description;}
    public void toggleChecked() {checked = !checked;}

    public int describeContents() {
        return 0;

    public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {
        dest.writeByte((byte) (checked ? 1 : 0));  // convert byte to a boolean (1=true, 0=false)

    public static final Parcelable.Creator<ComplaintType> CREATOR // <-- ERROR OCCURS HERE
     = new Parcelable.Creator<ComplaintType>() {

        public ComplaintType createFromParcel(Parcel in){
            ComplaintType complaint = new ComplaintType();
            complaint.setChecked(in.readByte() == 1);  // store the boolean as a byte (1=true, 0=false)
            return complaint;

        public ComplaintType[] newArray(int size) {             
            return new ComplaintType[size];

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Sounds like your class is being declared non-static inside another class, which is why it’s not allowed to have static data members. Either make it a top-level class, or declare it static.

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Doh! You were exactly right; I had it declared inside another class. Made it a top-level class...problem went away. I feel a bit silly now. Thanks for the nudge, Lawrence. – Bryan Greenway Feb 1 '12 at 4:00

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