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I have a problem to define the required permission an user should allow to my application. Actually, just the offline_access doesn't work.

I put it in the app description (Authenticated Referrals) and when the user asks for authorization

$dialog_url = "
."&scope=offline_access" >

I can't understand why, when the oauth dialog appears, no offline permission is asked! i've already tried to remove and reinstall the application.

Any suggestion? thank you

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it has been deprecated, see this page for an explanation on what to do now:

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According to the documentation, offline_access will be prompted on a second page during the OAuth dialog. Are you clicking through the first page, and simply not seeing a second page?

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Exactly! No second page shows up. – DeLac Feb 1 '12 at 7:54
tried with email and publish_stream and works. Nothing for offline_access. What is the difference between scopes in the app details, and scopes required in the OAuth dialog? they seems independent. – DeLac Feb 1 '12 at 8:22

Unedestood because it was ignored. I had the

deprecate offline_access = true

why they deprecated it? Is there a new way to do it?

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