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we have fbconnect on this site and need to get it working ASAP! For some reason it doesn't actually log a user in to Drupal - any suggestions on this??? It seems to load up, but then just stop working. A fellow Drupal developer told me he felt this error was on the Facebook side of things.

Thank you!!! Eric G.

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Facebook undergoes change everyday. Their API also keeps on updating. If you are using any of their API like FBconnect, you need to keep yourself up-to date of these changes to make sure your buttons continue to work smoothly.

I do not know if facebook has any notification mechanism of changes for their API users but certainly you can subscribe to facebook digest to keep in sync.

Here is a blog post that might help you debug the issue:

It might now exactly fit your issue but you may take it as a starting point of debugging.

e.g.Try adding a fresh code from FB for FBconnect and see if it works. If it does, diff both the codes.

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