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What type do arithmetic operators (+ - / *) have in PHP? I have such situation:

$argX= "1";
$argY = "2";
$operator = "+";

I want to add up two arguments using the operator in the variable. Smth like this:

$result = $argX $operator $argY;

I know that arguments are strings, so I convert them to numbers first.

$argX = $argX+0;
$argY = $argY+0;

But in what should I convert $operator to add the arguments using a value of $operator variable? How is it possible?

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It doesn't work like that; operators don't have types. In some other languages, they do (eg, Ruby or Scala), but not (AFAIK) PHP –  SLaks Feb 1 '12 at 1:12
the others are correct. the operator is treated as a string, essentially the same thing as the letter "F" or the character "^" or even the character "|" –  alecwhardy Feb 1 '12 at 2:41

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No, this is not possible. You cannot use expressions for operators in PHP. Operators are operators, they don't have a type. You'll have to do something like this:

switch ($operator) {
    case '+' :  $result = $argX + $argY; break;
    case '-' :  $result = $argX - $argY; break;

You could eval it, but I wouldn't recommend that.

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You could just check the string to see it matches an allowed character (one of the operators) before doing eval –  pyrokinetiq Feb 1 '12 at 2:53

you can't do that, however you could do

if($operator == '+')
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Something like:

// allowed operators
$allowed = array('+','-','/','*','%');

// check to see that operator is allowed and that the arguments are numeric
// so users can't inject cheeky stuff
if(in_array($operator, $allowed) && is_numeric($argX) && is_numeric($argY)){
    eval('<?php $result = '.$argX.' '.$operator.' '.$argY.'; ?>');
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Wouldn't a function named operator also work?

function operator($X, $Y) {
    $Z = $X + $Y;
    return $Z

$Z = operator($X,$Y);
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function operator($X,$Y){ $Z = $x+$Y; return $Z; } –  didyaseethesizeofthemchickens Jan 31 at 10:12
When I first added the answer I realized that I had put it in the subject by accident and for some reason couldn't get edit to work. Thanks. –  didyaseethesizeofthemchickens Jan 31 at 19:42

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