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I have table1 and table2 in a class..

public DataTable sampletable (DataTable table1,DataTable table2)
     // How to return the two table(table1 and table2)

Advance thank you

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public DataTable[] sampletable (DataTable table1,DataTable table2) 
    return new DataTable[] { table1, table2 };

Use an array. And to retrieve a particular table:

DataTable[] dtArray = sampletable (YourFirstDt, YourSecondDt);

DataTable table1 = dtArray[0];
DataTable table2 = dtArray[1];
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how to retrieve the value of table1 in a form? –  Sam Casil Feb 1 '12 at 3:00
@SamCasil See my edit. –  user596075 Feb 1 '12 at 3:06

Assuming they have the same schema, you can use the DataTable.Merge Method

public DataTable sampletable(DataTable table1, DataTable table2) 

    return table1;

The Merge method is used to merge two DataTable objects that have largely similar schemas. A merge is typically used on a client application to incorporate the latest changes from a data source into an existing DataTable. This allows the client application to have a refreshed DataTable with the latest data from the data source.

The merge operation takes into account only the original table, and the table to be merged. Child tables are not affected or included. If a table has one or more child tables, defined as part of a relationship, each child table must be merged individually.

When merging a new source DataTable into the target, any source rows with a DataRowState value of Unchanged, Modified, or Deleted, is matched to target rows with the same primary key values. Source rows with a DataRowState value of Added are matched to new target rows with the same primary key values as the new source rows.

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