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Once I replaced "form{:action => "/comments"}" with a "form_tag('/comments')" in the following code:

      %input.comment_input{ :name => "comment[comment]", :size => 60, :type => "text" }
      %input{ :name => "comment[activity_id]", :type => 'hidden', :value => "#{activity.id}" } 
      %button.post_coment_btn{ :type => "submit", :formmethod => "post"} Add Comment

I then got the following error:

syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end

. . on line 18, but the file containing the above only has 17 lines. Am I using the form_tag incorrectly?

<-- Update -->

Using the form_tag do as indicated by @Ben Zhang worked only I actually wanted to go to the 'create' action in the 'comments' controller:

=form_tag :action => 'create', :controller => 'comments' do
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Try this one

= form_tag :action => '/comments' do
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Lost 15 minutes to this one...d'oh! –  Nate Berkopec Mar 19 '12 at 18:43

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