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I have list of values separated by commas, I need to pass these values to LINQ query and get matching values from DB, I have used for loop to solve this problem

here is my code

string drawingList="a,b,c,d";
string[] drawings = drawingList.Trim(',').Split(',');
IQueryable<table> filteredItems = null;
filteredItems =(some linq query)
List<table> filteredResult = new List<table>();
for (int i = 0; i < drawings.Count(); i++)
    dr = drawings[i].Trim();
    filteredItems = filteredItems.Where(p1 => p1.WorkItemNumber.Equals(dr));

How can I solve the above problem without the for loop

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filteredItems = filteredItems.Where(i => drawings.Contains(i => i.WorkItemNumber));
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var result = from   drUntrimmed in drawings
               let  dr = drUntrimmed.Trim()
             from   f in filteredItems
             where  f.WorkItemNumber.Equals(dr)
             select f;
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