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I am trying to create a slider for my app similar to the one shown below. I tried doing it in interface builder but no luck. The default slider always shows highlight from the left. How can this be achieved?

enter image description here

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UISlider doesn't have built-in support for what you want to do. It's probably best to write your own subclass of UIControl or UIView instead of trying to customize a UISlider.

But if you really want to customize a UISlider, here's what you need to know.

A UISlider has three private UIImageView subviews: one for the thumb, one for the track to the left of the thumb, and one for the track to the right of the thumb. When you drag the thumb or change the slider value programmatically, the slider sends itself layoutSubviews. In its layoutSubviews method, it changes the frames of the three image views to match the new slider value.

You shouldn't mess with UISlider's private subviews. They might change in a future release of iOS. Instead, you want to effectively disable the track image subviews so you can draw your own track, and leave the thumb image subview alone so UISlider will take care of showing the thumb.

You'll need to subclass UISlider. In your subclass, you'll need to do several things:

  • You'll need to set your minimumValueImage and maximumValueImage properties to a transparent UIImage. This will effectively disable the private UISlider subviews that draw the normal two-part track.

  • You'll need to give yourself three new UIImage properties: leftEndImage, rightEndImage, and filledImage. You'll use these to fill the three different parts of your track.

  • You'll need to give yourself three UIImageView subviews - one for each of the three parts of the track.

  • You'll need to override layoutSubviews. In your method, you need to call [super layoutSubviews], then set the frames of your three image subviews to match the current value of the slider.

It could be a little complicated if you're new to iOS programming. Good luck.


Actually, it occurs to me that you could set minimumValueImage to a left-right mirror of the default maximumValueImage image, so that UISlider will draw both of the white ends of your three-part track. Then you just have to add one UIImageView subview of your own to draw the blue part of the track.

However you do it, if you subclass UISlider and insert subviews, you are depending on UISlider's implementation not changing too much. If, for example, a future version of UISlider draws the track and thumb directly in drawRect: instead of using subviews, your subclass will certainly look wrong.

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Thank you rob for explaining (+1). I'll wait for a while before marking as answer. Any ideas if there are any already implemented projects with similar control? (open source?) –  Bijoy Thangaraj Feb 1 '12 at 4:06
I have never looked for any such projects and don't know if any exist. –  rob mayoff Feb 1 '12 at 4:07

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