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is there way to print subtotal and total on jasper report in detail band? I am iterating the field according to dataSource. The format look like :

Id | Date | Card No | Vehicle No | Amount

1 1/3/2011 ABC1 33493S 39 12/3/2011 40 Total 79

2 2/4/2011 ABC2 34433G 20

Total 20

                     Total         119


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What is the exact question? How to get total of some field's values or how to get total in detailed band? Or both are your questions. –  RAS Feb 1 '12 at 7:30

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Yes, create a field with the subtotal or total variable and then assign it's evaluation time to the appropriate group. So if you have a group called 'Date' then create a new field and set the evaluation time for that field to Group -> Date.

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I had to do the same... this short tutorial shows you how to do exactly what you're looking for. youtube

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