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I understand this may be a stupid question, but i can not find the answer. How do i add multiple pages to my IOS app? I know you can use page control, but what code would i use to enable it?

Edit Sorry, i will try to be a little more clear. I am creating a soundboard app, and have more buttons than can fit on one page. I would like it so that the user can swipe the screen over to a new screen with more buttons.

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Do you mean how do you change a view? Like from one screen to another? – Michael Boselowitz Feb 1 '12 at 3:52

Based on what you described, of wanting to swipe between screens, your best bet is to embed all the “pages” side-by-side in a UIScrollView, and set the scroll view's pagingEnabled property to YES.

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Check out this sample code from Apple. Does exactly what you're looking for.

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