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i have two tables products and reviews
each product has several reviews linked by a foreign-key product_id in the reviews table
additionally each review has a field called rating with a decimal value
i wish to get the names of all products whose average rating is above a certain threshold
something in the lines of

FROM products p
INNER JOIN reviews r ON = r.product_id
WHERE avg(r.rating) > 3

MySQL is not letting me use the avg function in the where clause.
How do I do something like this?

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use 'having'

SELECT, avg(r.rating) as average
FROM products p
INNER JOIN reviews r ON = r.product_id
HAVING avg(r.rating) > 3
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woops - I missed the 'GROUP BY' - fixed – Luke Schafer May 26 '09 at 5:38
That's why sometime the HAVING clause is referred to as 'the WHERE clause of groups' – Remus Rusanu May 26 '09 at 5:43
That takes a lot longer to say than 'having' :) – Luke Schafer May 26 '09 at 5:55
Yes, but once you learn that moniker you never forget when to use WHERE and when HAVING – Remus Rusanu May 26 '09 at 16:15

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