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I am successfully creating an event using the graphAPI when i try to upload an event profile pict it just seems to hang if i comment out basename($fileName) => '@'.$fileName it works fine.

my code looks like

$fb = new Facebook(array(
'appId'      => $app_id,
'secret'     => $app_secret,
'cookie'     => false,
'fileUpload' => true     

 $fb->setAccessToken($_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_ACCESSCODE' ]);
 $data = array(  'access_token' => $_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_ACCESSCODE' ], 
             'owner'       => $_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_ACCESSCODE' ], 
             'name'        => $event->getTitle(), 
             'description' => $description,
             'start_time'  => $event->getStart(),
             'end_time'    => $event->getEnd(),
             'street'      => $event->getAddress(),
             'city'        => $event->getCity(),
             'state'       => $event->getState(),
             'zip'         => $event->getZip(),
             'latitude'    => $event->getLat(),
             'longitude'   => $event->getLong(),
             'privacy'     => 'OPEN',
             'location'    => $event->getLocation()
             ,basename($fileName) => '@'.$fileName
             ) ;        

 $result = $fb->api($_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_FBID' ]."/events","post",$data);
 $facebookEventId = $result['id'];
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You are using the image in wrong way, it sould be:

"picture" => "@".realpath($fileName) //instead of basename($fileName) => '@'.$fileName

Ref: Facebook Events

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thanks for the response. that did not make a difference. when i was using the SDK i was not getting an error message. SO i went back to using curl and the message i got was '(#324) Missing or invalid image file –  randy Feb 1 '12 at 13:24
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Found my problem. The image I was trying to upload was of wrong size. I guess it was too small.

I saw a bunch of different suggestions. One was like, about to use "picture" and another was to use basename

I got it to work by using basename($fileName) => '@'.$fileName, but only after uploading an image of the correct size.

Anyone know of documentation of what the sizes are that are acceptable?

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