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This question was asked of me by a co-worker. He wanted to not only delete the files (which just removes the inode from the file system) but also wipe the data multiple times.

The criteria are:

  1. It should recurse into all sub-directories of the top-level directory
  2. It should overwrite all of the file's data 10 times
  3. The garbage data used to overwrite should be at least pseudo-random
  4. It should not require uncommon utilities
  5. Bonus points for being portable

Here is the portable answer I came up with. What else is out there?

find /dir/to/nuke -type f -exec sh -c \
  'for f; do \
     for i in $(seq 1 10); do \
       echo dd if=/dev/urandom bs=$(stat -c "%s" "$f") count=1 of="$f"; \
     done; \
   done' _ {} +

Note: I crippled the dd command with an echo since this code is quite destructive

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There are existing solutions for this problem -- try srm or shred.

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