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In Perforce, I want to list all the files in the current directory but the result should not include the files from the subdirectories.

For example, if I have,


The result of the command, when run for //depot/X, would contain first.c and second.c only.

The command,

p4 files //depot/X/...  

will list all the files so it is of no use.

I tried with other wildcards like *, but couldn't find an answer.

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Never mind. I was using csh and I found that for csh, I need to use "*" (with quotes). So, for the above example, p4 files //depot/X/"" will return the required answer. –  sachinpkale Feb 1 '12 at 6:21
Yes, * is the right wildcard to use if you want to specify this directory only, not subdirectories. –  Bryan Pendleton Feb 1 '12 at 17:47
Please edit the question (or add an answer below) with what you found out. –  jhwist Feb 2 '12 at 10:04

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Normally, the command would be p4 files //depot/X/*, however, it seems in your case you are using the csh shell. In that case, the * wildcard has to be quoted, e.g. p4 files //depot/X/'*'.

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I think the question is: How to list all files and directories in specified directory not including the contents from sub directories.

And the command

p4 files //xxx/xxxx/"*"
p4 files //xxx/xxxx/'*'
p4 files //xxx/xxxx/* 

These commands will just list the files in directory, but lost the sub directories.

If you want to get all sub directories name, you could use the p4 dirs

p4 dirs //xxx/xxxx/*

Then the sub directories will be printed in the screen.

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